Lithium-ion batteries, safety and peace of mind are paramount.

Lithium-ion battery

When it comes to Lithium-ion batteries safety and peace of mind are paramount.  The growing popularity of e-scooters and e-bikes as a form of urban transport has taken off around Australia. Micro or urban mobility is the new catchcry for the under 35’s who have embraced it as a major source of transport.  A recent […]

The transition to renewables falls behind.

Ecobatt's transition to renewables

The transition to renewables through wind and solar builds is not progressing as rapidly as the government would like.    Big batteries are emerging as the primary source of power to help avoid blackouts, balance supply and demand, and smooth out volatile prices.  According to consultancy, Rystad Energy, 2024 is set to be the start of […]

Sand Batteries could transform clean energy.

Polar night sand battery site

Four young Finnish engineers have developed a sand battery that could transform clean energy storage.  Their company has evolved into a start-up, Polar Night Energy. The growing demand for sustainable energy storage and the ethical and environmental issues associated with lithium-ion batteries have intensified the search for alternatives. Among the emerging technologies aiming to revolutionize […]

The importance of recycling EV batteries is slowly being recognised

Battery collection Container

The importance of recycling EV batteries is slowly being recognised throughout the world.  Companies along the battery supply chain are investing billions of dollars in recycling capabilities.  Furthermore, they are confronting projected shortages of the raw materials that will power the next generation of electric vehicles. Importantly, a recent article in the Financial Review outlined […]

Australia needs recycling of lithium-ion.

Australia could lead the way with lithium-ion battery recycling, says CSIRO report

“Recycling of lithium-ion batteries is one of the most important technologies to decarbonise future society”, says Melbourne University researcher Junnan Lu.  Recent research conducted by Lu aims to recycle all materials in these batteries.  Importantly mitigating the negative environmental impact associated with the disposal of end-of-life batteries. Indeed, the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries requires a […]

Lithium demand set to quadruple.

Lithium mine

Lithium demand is expected to quadruple in the next decade.  Electric vehicle demand as well as Gigafactories, grid storage and e-scooters are all contributing to a fast-growing lithium battery market.  Traditional methods of producing lithium are regarded as inefficient and expensive mainly due to the low recoveries of lithium from brines which can bring associated […]

Expired electric-car batteries set to be a major problem.

Expired Electric car batteries

Expired electric-car batteries are set to be a major problem from 2030.  New research by the University of Technology Sydney has revealed 30,000 tonnes of used electric vehicle batteries will enter the waste stream in Australia by 2030; Just seven years from now. Their work commissioned by Battery Stewardship Council found that: There are an […]

New supply chains to handle battery recycling.

EV car battery

New supply chains to handle battery recycling are the subject of a recent report by the McKinsey group.  With the growth of electric vehicles and the resulting growth in battery production new ways to provide more stable resilient and efficient recycling over fossil fuel internal combustion engines need to be developed. The attached graph shows […]

More innovation to accelerate EV rollout.

Charging station in the UK

More innovation to accelerate the EV rollout will be required if Australians are to successfully make the transition to electric cars.  Undoubtedly, the fact that our cars are right hand drive compared with Europe, and the US, means supply is an issue. EV Australian Sales In the first quarter of 2023 sales of EV’s increased […]

Delivering what they say

Tesla's lithium-ion battery in South Australia paves way for battery-led energy future

Delivering what they say is not something that many organizations do.  In an era of social media, it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon.  Especially making statements about your commitment to decarbonisation and recycling, without backing it up with a sound operating philosophy. Indeed, Ecobatt, and the Recycal group of companies are specialist recyclers who […]