Pick Up

Ecobatt are licensed to carry dangerous goods. A new fleet of custom designed vans and trucks have been purchased to ensure we service our customers nationally using our state depot structure to ensure streamlined and safe management of collected batteries.

Our staff have been trained in all aspects of battery safety, and with our national distribution software we are able to schedule ‘pick up’ of battery containers to suit the needs of the various collection points.

We have developed protocols at each of our national depots to ensure safe interim storage of collected batteries until they are forwarded to our Campbellfield Battery Recycling Centre.

The drivers have strict protocols in relation to testing the temperature of batteries picked up.   Each driver has a hand held temperature gun to assess the condition of batteries collected, to verify that temperatures are within acceptable limits for transportation.

Ecobatt adhere to European standards of safety when large quantities of lithium batteries are being transported.   The company promotes the use of vermiculite or fire sand being evenly placed around Lithium Batteries, in the drums, as a further safety precaution against fire, explosions or thermal runaways.