Battery Recycling Process

Ecobatt’s battery recycling process has been developed to identify market opportunities and how best to process raw materials from the processed batteries for reuse in new manufacturing.

Recovered metals like copper, aluminium and steel have many and varied uses, as well as strong recycling attributes.   Many of the recovered metals from batteries are used as raw material inputs for the group’s Castings Tasmania manufacturing business.

Recycled materials such as Manganese, Zinc, Lithium, Cobalt, and Nickel are in high demand and suit a variety of applications.  Some of these materials could find their way into the fertilizer and chemical industries.  We are striving to achieve the purity necessary that enables the recycled constituents to go back into the re-manufacture of batteries, and for use in smelting for alloying purposes.

The group’s new laboratory is set up to facilitate checks and testing on site so that the most effective outcomes for recycled materials and metals can be achieved, with speedy feedback and turnaround of results.

Battery recycling will open up new industries with by-products for chemicals and fertilizer.