Battery Collection for Recycling

Ecobatt are looking to provide their customers with the most comprehensive battery collection for recycling process in the country.

Ecobatt, offer a comprehensive range of battery collection options that are practically designed, safe and approved for use in supermarkets, schools, offices, factories or retail outlets.   Visually appealing they promote recycling and the protection of our environment. 

With a wide range of collection containers for small offices and schools through to fully sealed fire proof steel storage bins, there is a collection and storage solution for any business requirement.

With the growing importance of electric car and storage batteries Ecobatt have invested in a range of battery carrying cases for the safe collection and transportation of these specialist batteries.

Ecobatt larger collection points have state of the art containers that come with in built smoke detectors, level sensors and GPS monitoring

What type of batteries do you recycle?

Ecobatt recycle all types of batteries

Industrial, Automotive & Portable

The company has already invested over six million dollars in collection bins, cabinets and containers that will ensure safe collection of all types of batteries, including household, power tool, farm and storage batteries, as well as phone, computer batteries, and button cells.  Batteries from electric and hybrid cars, e-bikes, buses and trucks can all be collected to ensure the highest standards of safety and efficiency.  

Button cells
Lead Batteries
Lithium Ion
Lithium Ion Polymer
Lithium LiSo2
Lithium LiPo4
Lithium LiMno2
Lithium Primary
Nickel cadmium
Nickel metal hydride
Zinc Air
Zinc Carbon

Where can I drop off my batteries for recycling?

Collection Points and Partners

Ecobatt have collection points in all states of Australia.  These can be found in convenient spaces  adjacent to our partners, or in nearby proximity to them.  With state- of- the- art software technology, our systems are geared to manage these collection points safely and efficiently.  Our expanded fleet of collection trucks and vans ensure regular collection and turnover of containers.

Can I order a collection container?

Ecobatt collection containers

Mixed Battery Tube - 20L

Battery storage solutions to handle all sizes and types of mixed household batteries. Solid construction can handle up to 20kg. Suitable for the workplace.

Size: 240mm x 830mm (310mm base)

Silver Oxide & General Battery Containers - 1L

Battery storage tubs to handle silver oxide batteries. Solid construction can handle up to 3kg. 

Size: 130mm x 220mm

Wheelie Bins - 120L

Wheelie bins can hold up to 100kg, however the design allows for easy mobility. All size and battery types  can be stored, making this suitable for larger workplaces and small industrial warehouses.

Size: 560mm x 920mm

Mixed Battery Bucket - 10L

Battery storage tubs to handle all types of mixed household batteries. Solid construction can handle up to 10kg. Simple and efficient for small volumes.

Size: 240mm x 280mm

Call 1300 32 62 92 if you are interested in a collection container for your workplace.