Electric Vehicle Recovery

With the growth of electric cars anticipated in the market place Ecobatt has a state-of-the-art solution for electric vehicles involved in an accident, or where cars are damaged to the point that the battery is potentially unstable.  

car battery

There have already been several disastrous fires caused by unstable electric car batteries.  With the growing demand for electric vehicles Into the Australian market.   Ecobatt have the only safe transport containers in the country to ensure damaged vehicles can be moved and monitored in a safe and efficient way.   These special twenty- foot containers allow an impacted vehicle to be winched safely into the container, and be transported reliably to either a dealer for repair, or in the case where it is too damaged, to be fully recycled.  The container also has a sophisticated fire suppression system to avoid the potential risks of a fire during transport.

Ecobatt, also have onsite storage facilities for electric cars impacted by potentially unstable batteries.