Effective Storage Technology

Hazards caused by fire from overheating of various types of batteries make safety a core competency and responsibility for all staff at Ecobatt.  Detailed safety procedures and hazard control training have been implemented across all staff, including drivers, sorters, warehouse and office staff.

To ensure the highest level of safety, the new battery storage facility is equipped with sensitive fire detection systems, video surveillance, heat detecting cameras, sprinklers and automated fire suppression systems, including  ‘Next Generation’ fire extinguisher units that have been designed specifically for lithium batteries, as they are highly volatile and flammable.  We have auto dump forklift sand bins at each site, so if a battery is under ‘distress’ we can quickly place it in a box, and secure it with fine sand from the storage area that sits above the bin.

Temperature Managed

Humidity Controlled

Fire Extinguishers

Distressed Battery Bins


Heat Detecting Cameras

The storage options are numerous with bins, buckets, tubes, collection cabinets and pouches all requiring protocols around how they are handled and processed. 

Sophisticated software has been installed in many of the larger collection cabinets to ensure we can monitor humidity and temperature of the collected batteries.

The safety of electric car and storage batteries has been enhanced with custom built, fire proof, battery carrying crates which have been used successfully in Europe.  These meet the highest standards of safety in terms of stable temperature control and thermal runaway should a battery become unstable.

Several special 40-foot Fire Pro Containers have also been sourced to ensure effective collection and storage of these batteries while they await processing.