Our History

Ecobatt are part of the Recycal group of companies that specializes in downstream processing and state of the art recycling to protect our environment, now, and for future generations. 

The business was originally founded in 1990, as Southern Rocycling Pty Ltd.  It operated very successfully for nearly 17 years when it was acquired by an international group in 2007.  In 2011 the Rowe family repurchased the company under the Recycal brand and for the last ten years it has been one of Australia’s most innovative recycling companies.    Other companies operating as part of the group include:

  • Ecocycle Pty Ltd, Australasia’s most experienced mercury recovery business, and the oldest foundry in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Castings Tasmania Pty Ltd which is a specialist manufacturer of quality castings for industry in Australia and was acquired in December 2019
  • ACL Metal Powders, manufacturers of world-renowned high-quality copper powders