Lithium-ion batteries, safety and peace of mind are paramount.

When it comes to Lithium-ion batteries safety and peace of mind are paramount.  The growing popularity of e-scooters and e-bikes as a form of urban transport has taken off around Australia. Micro or urban mobility is the new catchcry for the under 35’s who have embraced it as a major source of transport.  A recent landmark study by We Ride Australia reveals that the e-scooter segment was a $728 million industry in 2022 and growing rapidly.  18–34-year-olds, who currently comprise 35% of the market enjoy the flexibility and cost saving e-scooters offer over cars. Running costs are cheaper and parking is facilitated for urban travel.

This enthusiasm for urban mobility has fuelled a need to take care when recharging these products.  When handled with care, and to manufacturer specifications, the lithium-ion batteries that power these products are very safe to use.  However, in cases of overcharging they can overheat resulting in fire.  Currently there are 5-6 lithium-ion battery fires a week wtih many industry observers feeling that such estimates are conservative.

Importantly, industry leaders are advocating for more stringent standards and solutions.  David Cooke, from Ecobatt Safety anticipates that Federal Government and State government agencies will soon make recommendations for the safe storage, charging and disposal of e-scooters.  In addition, the guidelines are expected to address a need for standardised safety protocols to mitigate risks associated with micromobility devices to reduce fire incidences.

United Nations Approved

Acknowledging the increasing risks.  And building on its commitment to safety, Ecobatt have secured a United Nations approved Lithium-ion safety drum.  Available in a range of sizes, the drums are state-of-the-art in terms of preventing the risk of fire.  Made from specialized steel, their rib construction makes them strong and sturdy.

Engineered to withstand severe impact and stress.  Easy to store and transport they are ideal for the disposal of lithium-ion batteries.  A key feature of the drum is a filter in the lid which confines any potential fire hazard to inside the drum.  The lid is engineered to release pressure from internal gases. The drum’s design prevents flames from passing through.  It also protects the drum from external ignition sources.  This  provides a controlled oxygen stored environment for the lithium-ion batteries contained within the drum.

The drums are ideal for businesses specialising in electronic repairs and any other retailers or commercial entities dealing with lithium-ion batteries and battery powered products.

Ecobatt also has secured the Australasian rights to leading international brands, ESE, Bebat and Cellblock who have a range of fire suppression products . Moreover these assist in safe recharging and containment of potential thermal runaway fires.

“The range of Cellblock products Ecobatt offers, exemplifies our commitment to combining the latest technology in materials advancement and high-tech safety products”.  “For not only the evolving landscape of micromobility, but also other high-energy lithium-ion battery equipment applications. Medical, commercial and construction are industries that come to mind”. David Cooke said.

A new website will be launched by Ecobatt in mid-July, it will outline the wide range of specific fire suppression products that are available to the Australian market.