New Software for Bin Management

Ecobatt has visited and looked at the various technologies utilised by leading recycling companies in Europe and the US.  The company has a policy of utilising technology to ensure recycling solutions are world’s best practice.

One of the key platforms Ecobatt  has developed in the last twelve months is the introduction of a custom built software system that allows the company to monitor its 4,000 drop off collection bins around the country.  With each bin  containing a microchip, battery storage levels and temperature  can be monitored.   This provides valuable data across the country on how batteries are disposed of, as well as management of containers so that locations can be  emptied and collected according to demand.

 Our operations team can  also develop truck runs on how best to collect and empty bins to achieve timely turnaround and productivity of our fleet.  Valuable data on disposable battery types is being collected by region and state.  Our drivers are trained in all aspects of safety and in handling of batteries.  They ensure the collection bins are cleaned and maintained with protocols of reporting that  ensure the bins reflect our customer’s brand.

 Recently we shot a video which explains in detail how the software works.

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