Growing concern at the number of Lithium-ion fires.

Throughout Australia there is growing concern at the number of lithium-ion fires being caused by e-bikes and scooters.  In NSW alone the number of fires tripled last year.  The number of reports on fires becomes almost a weekly occurrence.  E-bikes and scooters utilise lithium-ion batteries that  can cause fires when they overheat.  What happens is that extended heat can cause the liquid in the batteries to ignite.  Importantly there are strategies to overcome this.  Storing your electric scooter or bike in a safe, secure, shaded, area.  The main risk occurs when the bike is being recharged.

A North Bondi unit was destroyed in January when an ebike exploded on charge forcing the residents to escape out a window.  Other ebike battery explosions have resulted in hospitalisation and extensive burns.

Although quality products have safety switch-off features to prevent overheating, cities across the world are seeing an increasing number of “thermal runaway incidents”.  This occurs where a battery, typically in a lower quality converted device, overheats to the point of explosion.

The risk of fire is higher in modified devices, when an incompatible or damaged charger is used, or when devices are left to “overcharge”.  In 2023 London ‘s fire brigade attended an e-bike or scooter fire every two days.  This prompted a public safety campaign. In September, New York banned the sale of e-bikes and scooters which did not meet industry safety standards.

Ecobatt Safety

David Cooke from Ecobatt Safety expects that in the future there will be recommendations developed by state governments relating to the safe storage and charging of electric scooters.

Ecobatt looked at developments across the world.  We felt that there was a need for the the latest in improved safety technology to complement our battery recycling efforts”.  We were able to source the latest technology by becoming the Australian and NZ distributor of Cellblock fire containment systems” from the US.

“Our range includes specific engineered products for e-bike and other large lithium batteries”. David said.

Safe Charge Sleeve

One product in the Ecobatt Safety range is the Safe Charge sleeve . The sleeve reduces the risk of fire and potentially saves injury and  fatalities.  These sleeves can support lithium-ion batteries for e-bikes, e-scooters, drones, power tools, and outdoor power equipment.  Simple to use, with Velcro and buckle closure, they are rated for temperatures over 1000 degrees celsius.

David is currently setting up the Ecobatt Safety range and will be able to offer a wide range of advanced, lithium fire, heat and smoke suppressant, specialist lithium-ion transportation drum and industrial grade emergency safety response kits.

Ecobatt Safety is part of the Ecocycle group.  This year the group commissioned the design of energy discharge control equipment. As a result this will enable the safe return of residual energy from end-of-life EV and solar battery energy storage devices to the electricity grid for re-use.