How our degraded battery storage box prevents batteries from exploding

While most battery collection programs will accept most types of battery for recycling, nearly all of them will only take intact batteries.

The reason is that damaged batteries leak corrosive chemicals and are at much greater risk of catching fire. This is particularly the case with lithium batteries.

With an uncompromising commitment to safety, Ecocycle is tackling this serious problem by providing selected clients with innovative degraded battery collection and storage containers.

Multiple protections

Degraded battery storage boxes are made from galvanised steel for strength.

They contain a protected earth system to electrically ground the container, and an inert lining to reduce the risk of battery short circuits.

Most importantly, the lids of the boxes contain aerosol fire extinguishers specifically designed to suppress lithium battery fires.

Extinguishers automatically discharge in the event of a fire; significantly reducing the hazards of storing and transporting damaged batteries for recycling.

The degraded battery storage containers are lockable and stackable, and with the capacity to hold up to a tonne of batteries, handling is facilitated by the inclusion of crane lifting points.

Initially, boxes will be installed at Ecocycle’s depots around Australia.

They will also be made available to high-risk industries, such as oil and gas plants and mines, and to organisations likely to see higher volumes of degraded batteries, including council waste transfer stations.

The boxes provide an opportunity to weed out damaged batteries early in the collection and recycling chain, while facilitating the safe collection of these items for recycling.

Complete solution

Ecocycle is dedicated to being a leader in battery recycling by providing comprehensive solutions spanning collection, transport, storage and recycling of all types of spent batteries.

This latest innovation now sees damaged batteries brought into the fold.

Find out how we can assist your organisation with the safe handling of waste batteries, both intact and degraded.

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