Ecocycle charges ahead with battery recycling

Victoria will ban all electronic waste (including batteries) from landfill from July 2019. Other states are also moving in the same direction.

Rising to the challenge of providing safe, environmentally sound alternatives to landfill, long-time battery recycling company Ecocycle has quietly been getting on with the job of expanding Australia’s capacity to recycle all types of batteries.

The upshot is that, while the start date for the Victorian ban has been set to provide councils and recyclers time to prepare for it, there’s no need to wait. Ecocycle is ready to receive your battery waste right now.

Ecocycle has invested considerable time, energy and money into battery recycling.

We’ve taken a well-researched, systematic approach to the problem, and partnered with world-leading companies to roll out proven technology to manage each step of the battery recycling process – collection, sorting and processing.

We are also actively involved in the efforts of the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI) to develop a battery stewardship program for Australia.

While Ecocycle offers recycling solutions for all types of batteries, much of the focus is on the lithium-ion batteries that are playing an increasing role in powering the world.

Game changers that they are, lithium batteries can explode or catch fire. Learning from the European and North American experience with battery fires, Ecocycle takes an uncompromising ‘safety first’ approach in addressing each of the key steps in the battery recycling process.

Ecocycle charges ahead with battery recycling

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