Work On The Road? Here’s What You Can Recycle

An increasing number of people are working on the move, often aided by technology.

Laptops, tablet computers and mobile phones are pretty much standard tools for any trade these days.

On top of that, your average mobile worker may be packing an electric toothbrush and shaver, and depending on the ‘trade’, maybe a ute full of battery-powered tools or other equipment.

Each of these things will either eventually conk out or be replaced by newer, more capable devices. At that point they all become e-waste.

When this happens, you have a choice. You can do what most people do and drop the dead item in the rubbish bin, but that’s a massive waste of valuable resources.

E-waste can also contain harmful substances such as lead and mercury that can leak out of landfill into the wider environment.

So, for the benefit of the environment and for the future supply of raw materials for the manufacture of new gadgets, it makes a lot more sense to recycle all your e-waste.

Thoughtful Disposal

The great news is that an increasing number of drop-off points for a wide range of e-waste are popping up around Australia.

These may be council offices or waste depots, specialist recyclers, or even retail outlets such as hardware stores and office suppliers.

And being mobile, you may not need to go far out of your way to deposit your batteries, dead computers or defunct power tools for proper recycling.

To find out what you can drop off for recycling, and where, go to

In-House Options

An even better option is for companies to get involved directly in the recycling process by partnering with firms that can deliver effective, safe recycling solutions.

It is, for example, incredibly easy to set up a battery recycling scheme in each of a company’s offices and depots. This provides roving employees with the most convenient drop-off points of all.

For extra effectiveness, businesses can open up their corporate recycling schemes to all staff. Allowing them to bring relevant items from home will really boost the recycling rate of e-waste.

And batteries are just the starting point. Ecocycle collects and recycles mobile phones, computers, tablets, lighting waste and battery-powered tools.

With comprehensive logistical solutions, state of the art facilities and a commitment to environmental protection, we can help you deliver on your environmental policies and obligations.

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