New supply chains to handle battery recycling.

EV car battery

New supply chains to handle battery recycling are the subject of a recent report by the McKinsey group.  With the growth of electric vehicles and the resulting growth in battery production new ways to provide more stable resilient and efficient recycling over fossil fuel internal combustion engines need to be developed. The attached graph shows […]

More innovation to accelerate EV rollout.

Charging station in the UK

More innovation to accelerate the EV rollout will be required if Australians are to successfully make the transition to electric cars.  Undoubtedly, the fact that our cars are right hand drive compared with Europe, and the US, means supply is an issue. EV Australian Sales In the first quarter of 2023 sales of EV’s increased […]

Can Battery Recycling for Electric cars keep pace

Can Battery Recycling for Electric cars keep pace

Battery recycling for electric cars is not an easy business model. Whilst more US companies are interested in recycling of electric car batteries, a recent article in the New York Times exposed the pitfalls.   Also, according to their research, it could be a decade or more before enough used lithium -ion batteries become available to […]

Decarbonizing Transportation Effectively

Lithium-ion Batteries

Decarbonizing transportation through greater use of electric vehicles is a major trend around the world.  Lithium -ion batteries are also a critical component in developing a reliable renewable energy grid.  Importantly, both sectors have a responsibility to increase the sustainability of batteries and to create a circular economy. Furthermore, according to an article in the […]

Recycling electric car batteries: How to recycle EV, HEV, PHEV and eBike batteries

Recycling electric car batteries: How to recycle EV, HEV, PHEV and eBike batteries

A growing number of car manufacturers are incorporating electricity, in various ways, into their drivetrains. This has created new classes of vehicle with different battery sizes, types and acronyms, including: EVs (electric vehicles) run purely on battery power and are recharged from external sources of electricity – usually the electricity grid. They are also referred […]

What the rise of electric cars means for battery recycling

What The Rise Of Electric Cars Means For Battery Recycling

While pure electric vehicle (EV) sales have travelled a rocky road in Australia, it’s a different story for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). Just 219 EVs were sold in Australia in 2016 versus more than 12,000 new HEVs. As more electric-only vehicles with longer ranges hit the market, and as their prices come down, EV sales […]