How Australian hotels are running their own battery recycling schemes

What do Accor, Hilton, Crown, Mercure and Langham have in common?

Sure, they’re all high profile hotel chains, but what most people don’t know is that they also run their own battery recycling schemes.

That’s great because hotels go through more batteries than you might imagine.

Every room has a TV remote control, bedside clock radio and smoke alarm, all of which rely on batteries.

These days most hotel rooms have electronic keyless locks, which also use batteries.

Add in the batteries contained in emergency exit lighting and all the electronic gadgets any business relies on and we are talking lots and lots of batteries.

Multiply by the thousands of hotels around Australia, and it’s clear that the hotel industry is a huge generator of spent batteries. And that’s before we include the batteries discarded by hotel guests.

Fortunately, most of the hotels that Ecocycle services also extends their battery recycling programs to their guests, helping to divert large amounts of battery waste away from landfill.

Simple setup

If you’re in the hotel business, it’s easy to set up a battery recycling scheme.

Many hotels engage electrical contractors to carry out battery replacement along with other scheduled maintenance.

It’s a simple matter to stipulate that all batteries must be recycled as part of the maintenance contract.

You can also request that the contractor provides you with a recycling certificate issued by the recycler of each batch of batteries. This provides you with the assurance that your old batteries have, in fact, been recycled.

If you prefer to manage battery recycling directly, Ecocycle’s pre-paid collection buckets provide an ideal solution. They’re available in volumes ranging from two to 20 litres, and a modest fee covers bucket delivery, collection when full, and recycling. All it takes is a phone call to get started.

The options don’t end there. We can also design recycling solutions for batteries by the truckload.

Join the leaders

Large as the hotel chains mentioned above are, they comprise a fraction of Australia’s hotels.

There are thousands of hotels around the country and many more in our corner of the Pacific (we already work with hotels in New Caledonia).

While the hospitality industry is making great strides in its efforts to embrace recycling and become more sustainable, too much ‘waste’ is still going into landfill.

It’s time to treat all battery waste as a ‘resource’ by ensuring it is safely recycled.

Ready to join the likes of Accor and Crown when it comes to battery recycling? It’s easy.

Just give us a call on 1300 32 62 92 or fill out the form below ad we’ll work out the battery recycling solution that best suits your hotel.