Ecocycle joins the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI)

As a further demonstration of its commitment to battery recycling, Ecocycle has become a member of the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI).

Established in 2008, ABRI is a non-profit organisation that promotes environmentally responsible management of batteries at their end of life.

Members include leading battery manufacturers, suppliers, recyclers and government and environmental organisations.

As ABRI points out, batteries contain valuable metals, but they are also a potential hazard in landfills and other waste facilities. The sensible solution to these problems is to recycle batteries.

Stewardship the aim

ABRI is involved in negotiations to establish a national voluntary stewardship program for handheld batteries.

Such a program will see manufacturers and importers collect a levy from the sale of each battery.

The funds raised will then be passed on to the companies that collect and recycle batteries, making it economically viable for them to do so.

A natural fit

Ecocycle has been collecting and recycling used batteries for several decades. With such a natural fit, Business Development Manage Daryl Moyle said joining ABRI was a logical step.

“Being aligned with a group of people with a common goal means we can all speak with one strong voice and achieve greater public awareness of the importance of battery recycling than if we each go it alone,” he said.

While membership of ABRI will help to lift Ecocycle’s profile in the battery recycling sector, benefits will flow both ways.

“Along with financial and compliance concerns, stewardship programs also need to take technical issues into account,” Mr Moyle said.

“We intend to be an active participant so that ABRI can gain from our experience in collecting, sorting and recycling batteries.

“On top of that, our active promotion of the importance of recycling batteries compliments the activities of the entire group.”

Recognising that an effective stewardship program will massively increase the number of batteries headed for recycling, Ecocycle is taking practical action.

Its investment in state-of-the-art recycling facilities will help provide Australia with the physical capacity to divert an increasing number of spent batteries from landfill.

No need to wait

While a national scheme will give battery recycling a major boost, there’s no need to wait.

Whether your business generates a few kilograms or several tonnes of battery waste each year, Ecocycle can provide a tailored battery recycling solution just for you.

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