Ecobatt’s Battery Collection Service works

Ecobatt’s Battery Collection Service has almost 5,000 collection bins nationally with Australian retailers.  Clearly it has never been more convenient for the public to recycle batteries.  Importantly, we must let people know how their batteries are collected, and the measures used to safely transport them for reprocessing.

Ecobatt, part of the Ecocycle group of companies, is leading the way to reduce the number of batteries going into landfill.   Their new three-minute content video explains how it does this with Ecobatt’s distribution drivers playing a key role.  They make sure batteries are safely transported from retailer to the sorting plant.  Ecobatt has also made their collection bins as safe as possible.  The video explains how this is done.  In particular, highly sophisticated sensors  monitor the temperature of the batteries.  Indeed, custom made software provided some important tools to manage battery recycling. Above all they can monitor stock levels and organise efficient management and

The company is working closely with the Battery Stewardship Council . Particularly, in relation to button cell and lithium batteries for recycling and processing, rather than ending up in landfill.   Sadly, Mercury and silver-based button cell batteries that are dumped in landfills, or incinerated, will leak mercury toxins into water supplies and food chains.  Importantly, they too should be recycled and not put in with normal rubbish.

Indeed, Ecobatt has invested heavily in technology.  Especially through its website and communication programs. The company aims to achieve world best practice with their battery recycling program. Currently  Australan battery recycling is less than a third of what is being achieved in Europe.