Ecobatt continues to invest in world class technology

With over 7000 collection bins now in the market Ecobatt continues to invest in world class technology. 2023 was a major milestone for the group as they rolled out their collection kiosks in Coles, J B Hi Fi and The Good Guys.    The kiosks are equipped with sensor technology that reports fill levels, battery health and temperature.  Modelled on world best technology the company is at the forefront of this emerging industry.

Despite the significant investment there are several challenges that the industry will need to face in the year ahead according to Tyson Ord from Ecobatt.

“Sadly, there is a lack of awareness of the importance of recycling batteries with relatively low collection rates.  The current household battery product stewardship program is not fit for purpose and will result in companies like us finding it hard to achieve the necessary economies of scale”.  “The current model is underfunded and was really only set up to fund 60% of the recycling of batteries”.  “We are finding it difficult and feel that Federal Government intervention could provide a better framework to regulate and impose a co-regulated or mandatory scheme to ensure market failure does not occur”.

Too many batteries in landfill

Tyson believes that most consumers are unaware that perhaps 80% of household batteries are still finding their way into landfill.  In Europe battery recycling rates are as high as 65 to 70 percent with returns for recyclers higher than Australia, without the challenges of distance and differing population densities.

Ecobatt is keen to make a difference but the barriers to achieving a commercial return are not well understood.  “Currently the more batteries we collect and sort for recycling the more we lose.  “This is unsustainable”.  Tyson says.

As Australia moves to a more circular economy it’s important that there is a shared responsibility.  Recycling companies want to invest in the future but need a framework that justifies that investment.

In addition to its household battery collection system Ecobatt provides recycling services for all battery chemistries from micro-mobility, hybrid and electric vehicles, and solar energy storage devices.  It has Australian Dangerous Goods-approved bulk mixed battery storage bins, EV battery safety boxes, and EV fire-safe containers designed for the safe transport of accident damaged vehicles.  Ecobatt has also recently become the Australian and New Zealand agent for Cellblock (USA) fire containment systems, which offers advanced, non-toxic lithium fire, heat and smoke suppressant, specialist lithium-ion transportation drums and industrial-grade emergency safety response kits.

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