Battery Stewardship Council Announces Early Review of B-cycle Scheme.

/BSC announces review

The Battery Stewardship Council (BSC) has announced an early review of the current B-cycle battery scheme.  Initially set for reauthorisation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in September 2025. Due to economic pressures and mounting frustration from collectors and recyclers, this review is being expedited to before the end of 2024. A reduction […]

Growth of battery recycling being realised

Growth of battery recycling being realised

In Australia the growth of the fledgling battery recycling industry is starting to be realised. Currently the national recycling rate of household batteries is estimated at 12%.  This compares with Europe which is currently running at over 60%.  Whilst our industry is in its infancy the  global challenges of recycling  lithium-ion batteries is only now […]

Sand Batteries could transform clean energy.

Polar night sand battery site

Four young Finnish engineers have developed a sand battery that could transform clean energy storage.  Their company has evolved into a start-up, Polar Night Energy. The growing demand for sustainable energy storage and the ethical and environmental issues associated with lithium-ion batteries have intensified the search for alternatives. Among the emerging technologies aiming to revolutionize […]

The BSC calls for a national plan.

Recycling electric car batteries: How to recycle EV, HEV, PHEV and eBike batteries

The Battery Stewardship Council has called for a national plan on used EV Batteries.  Libby Chaplin, CEO of the BSC, has outlined the need for a national stewardship plan. This will complement the take back schemes that some EV car brands have adopted. The national Electric Vehicle Strategy released in April, identified the importance of battery […]

Australia needs recycling of lithium-ion.

Australia could lead the way with lithium-ion battery recycling, says CSIRO report

“Recycling of lithium-ion batteries is one of the most important technologies to decarbonise future society”, says Melbourne University researcher Junnan Lu.  Recent research conducted by Lu aims to recycle all materials in these batteries.  Importantly mitigating the negative environmental impact associated with the disposal of end-of-life batteries. Indeed, the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries requires a […]

Lithium demand set to quadruple.

Lithium mine

Lithium demand is expected to quadruple in the next decade.  Electric vehicle demand as well as Gigafactories, grid storage and e-scooters are all contributing to a fast-growing lithium battery market.  Traditional methods of producing lithium are regarded as inefficient and expensive mainly due to the low recoveries of lithium from brines which can bring associated […]

Expired electric-car batteries set to be a major problem.

Expired Electric car batteries

Expired electric-car batteries are set to be a major problem from 2030.  New research by the University of Technology Sydney has revealed 30,000 tonnes of used electric vehicle batteries will enter the waste stream in Australia by 2030; Just seven years from now. Their work commissioned by Battery Stewardship Council found that: There are an […]

Decarbonizing Transportation Effectively

Lithium-ion Batteries

Decarbonizing transportation through greater use of electric vehicles is a major trend around the world.  Lithium -ion batteries are also a critical component in developing a reliable renewable energy grid.  Importantly, both sectors have a responsibility to increase the sustainability of batteries and to create a circular economy. Furthermore, according to an article in the […]

3 Household Products We’d Love To See Tackled On ABC’s War On Waste

3 Household Products We'd Love To See Tackled On ABC's War On Waste

Across three chilling episodes of the ABC series War On Waste, Craig Reucassel lifted the lid on several of Australia’s dirty little secrets. Sorry, make that dirty BIG secrets, because the amount of stuff we throw away every day is nothing less than shocking. War On Waste focused on high volume wastes including food, clothing, […]

What Are Councils Doing To Recycle Batteries?

What Are Councils Doing To Recycle Batteries?

Local councils are often at the forefront of recycling, and for decades they’ve been doing a great job collecting paper, cardboard, jam jars, steel cans and other everyday items that historically ended up in landfill. But there are other types of waste that councils could, and should, be recycling. Batteries are a good example. They […]