Decarbonizing Transportation Effectively

Lithium-ion Batteries

Decarbonizing transportation through greater use of electric vehicles is a major trend around the world.  Lithium -ion batteries are also a critical component in developing a reliable renewable energy grid.  Importantly, both sectors have a responsibility to increase the sustainability of batteries and to create a circular economy. Furthermore, according to an article in the […]

3 Household Products We’d Love To See Tackled On ABC’s War On Waste

3 Household Products We'd Love To See Tackled On ABC's War On Waste

Across three chilling episodes of the ABC series War On Waste, Craig Reucassel lifted the lid on several of Australia’s dirty little secrets. Sorry, make that dirty BIG secrets, because the amount of stuff we throw away every day is nothing less than shocking. War On Waste focused on high volume wastes including food, clothing, […]

What Are Councils Doing To Recycle Batteries?

What Are Councils Doing To Recycle Batteries?

Local councils are often at the forefront of recycling, and for decades they’ve been doing a great job collecting paper, cardboard, jam jars, steel cans and other everyday items that historically ended up in landfill. But there are other types of waste that councils could, and should, be recycling. Batteries are a good example. They […]